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  1. Simran Sobrun

    Lele pons you very good and I like you

  2. Johnson Prince

    Lele is so beautiful 💖💜💛💛💚💙

  3. Grace Slip

    Anyone in 2021. No prom!!!!

  4. Grace Slip

    GEproms getting real comfortable with these no skip adds

  5. Grace Slip

    This was amazing

  6. Maria Perez

    Lele pons I love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. Love and peace Be upon you

    Im today years old, I found outits isn't lele and him singing 🤣🤣

  8. XxbobaCutie

    Omg I love you!

  9. khushi orie


  10. Nabeelah Allie

    The song shut up 😂😂🤚🤚🤣🤣

  11. Chandan

    What should we do to the dislikers??🤔🤔

  12. Miaka Shimata

    me encanta tu cancion lele espero verte en el proximo video con tu mejor amiga hannah. esto se extenderá por todo el mundo. Yo te apoyaré.

  13. Anas Wax kale


  14. Black_S jay1p

    Im tryiny to put this family together😭

  15. Tala Ali

    I love your videos and you are always so inspiring to me I love you so much ❤️

  16. Lamb

    Missed you

  17. Do you mind if i Slytherin?

    life was so much better when ppl used to ship Lele with Juanpa then Hannah with Twan

  18. Tiger lion


  19. sayapiang 2016


  20. RUdY'99

    2:01 💥that look💥

  21. Zamokuhle L Shongwe

    Fun Fact: Most people watch this but they dont know spanish

  22. Huguette Umulisa

    Plz make more funny videos😕 We all miss them

  23. zoe Stevens

    Wy are

  24. zoe Stevens

    Wy arw jou just doning songs

  25. Dinuli HGA

    wow this is a amazing Lele pones

  26. Raven Fire

    Hunger games + Lele Pons = BEST VIDEO EVER

  27. Usjsnw Bsjdbd

    Like si vienes de tiktok por el vídeo de @buelvasvl 🤣

  28. Maryam Adamu

    Lele pons video are very funny and entertaining

  29. Tayla Brown


  30. Æ NAT

    Great music you got popular not just from music but even orginal content

  31. Norin Kabir


  32. Muriaroha Goodfellow-Yorke

    Love the song

  33. Muriaroha Goodfellow-Yorke

    Love that song

  34. Flippy Flippenstein

    This video has just undone 27 years of therapy costing me over $400,000 in 5 minutes. I'm actually about to jump

  35. Sora Nightcore

    the time u uploaded this it was my birthday

  36. Soha Baig

    Can you upload another comedy video

  37. 翁燕子

    Ahhh the old times

  38. prabhjot singh


  39. Tanjid Sarowar

    Language name?

  40. Tanjid Sarowar

    It's who country language?

  41. Queen Emokpae

    this is nice

  42. Minh Anh


  43. Maricela Lucero H.

    Lele ,eres lo mejor 🤩!!!

  44. Ayesha negi girl

    Greetings from India!🤗

  45. joseph

    is that ricegum?

  46. Byron M

    Fan de Kenia Os apoyando 🌹🌹

  47. Maffuu

    Tu eres muy bonito Lele

  48. Kari Riram

    The principles is russel..

  49. Erxat Esmat

    me be like: love this!!!!! ending: what?

  50. Sharn Mcnaught

    I love your videos

  51. Yulian Santiago Castrillón Agudelo


  52. Hasan Khan

    Lele we love you and your songs from India. Lele and Guaynaa you are a beautiful couple 💑 👍👍👍👍

  53. Vani Rao


  54. Evans Jesús Sanchez Cornejo

    Is he danny? Greg reunion in the comments.

  55. VLYZAR

    Yo solo vengo por el 'Story Time' de Buelvasvl.

    1. Johan guillermo arango

      Yo tambien si es verdad es el de gris

  56. Puppylover3000 PUPPYLOVER3000

    This is so funny to me lol 😆😆😆😆

  57. Meriem Brd

    Wait a minute Liza killed me😂😂

  58. Dereck Moreno

    If this was a real show I would always watch this

  59. Reflected Eyes

    *Her:* What do I get? ..... *Me:* I- er- *Exactly.*

  60. Stichting Speeltuin Culemborg

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  61. Nina The Killer

    Carona watching*

  62. C63 AMG

    Lele pons lmaooo you killer

  63. Juan Manuel

    Los que vienen a buscar al buelvas

  64. Deajah Wise


  65. Kaveesh Shandil

    When you don't understand the lyrics but love the song

  66. Zkerna

    Yo a los 16 años: TEMAZOOO 🤑😎👍 Yo ahora con 19 años: TEMAZOOO 🤑😎👍

  67. Sofie the Randomness Master

    3:21 WAP DANCE 😂😂😂