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  1. Roaa Mahmoud

    her name is laila witch is my best friend

  2. Roaa Mahmoud

    i have a best friend

  3. noficaiton


  4. Chaerin Angel


  5. Ali Öztürk

    Mine is 14 we don't celebrate that stuff TWT

  6. Esraa Mumen

    I like she didn’t say anything about twan using the phone on a test

  7. color blind

    Как же мне нравится эта песня ( ・ϖ・)っ💙

  8. Sabreenna Samonte

    Me:watching Lele pons Tv:Avengers Me:Ooooohhh myyyy goooodddd!!!!!

  9. Z K

    the girl looks like veronica from riverdale

  10. Arleth Platas


  11. Sophia Lopera


  12. Hayas Bloom Craft

    That air hostess is like a doll

  13. Kim Palmans

    How can Lele do that 😱😱😱

  14. Alligator Raptor

    I don't like prom

  15. {P e a c h y _W o l f }

    Both livees are hard

  16. angelo memisovski

    what dyd you say

  17. im_notscammer BG

    The title is bubble gum but there eating is lolipop ._.

  18. رنا hy

    Iy love 🥰😍

  19. Celestia Ludenberg

    That man sayd wimp well gues what ur a simp :) =^= REEEEEEEEEE

  20. Alma Guerrero Roldán

    the best song 100% i love

  21. Alexis Zerbst

    Is that cup is real she broke it

  22. Alma Guerrero Roldán

    the outfits are so cute 😍

  23. Begum Rahima

    Lele looks soo pretty

  24. Ariana Hong

    anyone here in 2021?

  25. basty bacon

    zeus can revive people...

  26. Nocternal king


  27. 게임하는 뉴비-tv

    Bubbie Gum

  28. Makai Stewart


  29. Anne Lomang


  30. Maddie Houston


  31. CubeHub02

    Came from PlayStore


    Alguien español AFK

  33. Alyaan Khan

    This video just scared the crap out of my mind

  34. Aoife meegan

    The woman didnt have to jump in the car but the guy kfakuf

  35. Blueberry_KittyplayzUwU Kittentimeforlife

    That boi staring at Blossom Shes HAAWT” Me and ButterCup be like: -_- Bubbles be like: I am fricking STUCK

  36. faithless 13

    Can lele flip for real😍😍😍

  37. ii_ Amkk

    Watching in 2021

  38. Minxx

    What were they saying-

  39. Maria Beltran

    My mom is tired of hearing me sing bubble gum, you have talent with it.

  40. YO tuber

    ഞമ്മള് കൊറേ തെരഞ് കണ്ടുപിടിച്ചുക്കാണ്. അതോണ്ട് ഇച്ചൊരു ലൈക്.... കൂടെ ഇങ്ങക്കും ഒരു ലൈക് ഞമ്മള് തര്ണ്ട്.. അത് മൽപ്പോർത്ത്തെ ഈ ഞമ്മളെ വക 👌👍

  41. Bixckmxood_MJ

    Who else missed her old outro

  42. Ginny Weasly Potter

    This is Becky Becky Becky and Becky

  43. Kavish Shangari


  44. Asha Kyle

    Boii I've been listen to this audio in other channels but I just discovered in 2021 the original audio😂😂😎🔥🔥✌️😅 but people in 2021 are watching 👇

  45. Maria Covarrubias


  46. Talal Hachem

    4:57 ok I’m safe :lele: looking at me like a witch :me again: HOLY SH*$ AHHH

  47. Talal Hachem

    4:50 no playing :me as cat women: yes playing(: NO PLAYING YES PLAYING REEEE

  48. Beanie boos Forever

    Amo tanto tu canal que le veo todos los dias ❤️


    By the 🤘of 💪and on Monday

  50. Olivia Bunch

    The last part though

  51. Alicia Ramos


  52. Alicia Ramos

    Go to American got talent girl

  53. Alicia Ramos

    Love yooo girl

  54. trishelle walker

    Ruby be like : call the police ❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂

  55. DK's Creations

    Butter cup is my favorite

  56. Andersonquins 0

    No 2021

  57. Girly Tea Time

    LMAO “what’s up big boy!” Hey big boy? 1:38

  58. DK's Creations

    He ripped out the braces but that would take out his teeth

  59. LiamGameMy L

    The spider was Miles But in a Spider Suit

  60. avileth maxim gonzalez esquer

    cantas hermoso

  61. Sanah Malik

    Hey can someone tell me which song is playing in the end?

  62. Eric Gary

    I love u lele

  63. the roleplay Girls

    I like the crying part

  64. Peathread Playz

    Long live twan!!!!!!!!

  65. DK's Creations

    They really got upset cause they got caught😧

  66. tally o werdio Oakley

    Make more of these pls :<

  67. Eric Gary

    I love her man she is the shit wish I have know her she seem really cool

  68. cavetown addict

    i miss her doing skits

  69. Nandika Amarasinghe

    Wow! 💖

  70. Logan DeFranco

    Are you going to make a new one

  71. Kalpani Dinoliya

    I don't like this girl have a black that dot in her near eye

  72. Rudy De Leon

    I love you guys 😌👏👏👏👏👏😃🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌

  73. Danna Cano

    i love you lele


    The captions tho😳😳😳😳😳

  75. Alondra González

    Lele pons is my favorite youtuber

  76. Angélica López

    I love your videos and your outfit😁🤩 I LOVE your songs

  77. paola lobita gonzales

    Como ando ando es dias me holis

  78. joajoa221

    This is my favorite “candy” emoji 🍩 or should I say donut